favorite bowls

Frankly, every Spoons bowl is a favorite. However, after careful market research (aka delicious taste testing sessions) we decided these 5 are spot on. All Favorite Bowls start with the BAS, which is our own Spoons granola, followed by 5oz of açai, then a layer of sliced bananas. From there, we created a theme and turned it into an edible dream. Enjoy.


banana, açai, Spoons granola, honey (unfiltered), peanut butter*, pineapple, pink himalayan salt

heart throb

banana, açai, Spoons granola, cacao nibs, chocolate maple spread*, raspberries, strawberries, nutella*

carnival ride

banana, açai, Spoons granola, bee pollen, golden flaxseeds, green apple, honey, salted caramel*, strawberries, vitacherry


banana, açai, Spoons granola, birthday cake spread*, blueberries, honey (unfiltered), pineapple, strawberries

berried treasure

banana, açai, Spoons granola, blackberries, blueberries, chia seeds, raspberries, strawberries, yumberries

new moon - THE BOM Bowl of MONTH

banana, açai, granola, activated charcoal, bee pollen, blackberries, agave, blueberries, coconut shred, maqui, noni

*FOOD ALLERGY WARNING: This product contains peanuts and/or tree nuts.