Items that we compost at Spoons:

  1. Spoons Bowls - Inego Certified Compostable

  2. Spoons Inego Certified Compostable Lids

  3. Inego Spoons

  4. Napkins

  5. Spoons paper bags

  6. Your spoons leftovers (let’s be real, there are no leftovers)

What is a compost?

A compost is decomposed organic matter. Composting is a natural process of recycling organic material such as leaves and vegetable scraps into a rich soil amendment.


Why do we compost?

Composting has two major benefits: it diverts food waste from going to the landfill and it creates a nutrient-rich resource for growing plants. What was just another smelly item in your trash before is transformed into a life-giving powder keg of food for your garden.


We have partnered with Crown Town Compost to properly compost our waste. Crown Town Compost is a local NC company that is committed to making Charlotte a better place. The Crown Town Compost group has figured out a way to scale composting to create real results. And by partnering with EarthFarms, a local composting farm in Dallas, NC, Crown Town Compost is now able to offer bags of compost for sale, compost created from the materials people just like you dropped off a few months ago!

If you’ve always wanted to compost, but didn’t know where to start, just shoot the guys at Crown Town Compost an email and they will handle the rest.