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Our Story

SPOONS serves up more than just superfoods, deliciousness and convenience. We offer a revolutionary new spin on the traditional acai bowl that will blow your mind (and your tastebuds!) with the powerful antioxidants and nutrients that only pure Amazonian acai can offer.

Our culinary geniuses have devised a new way to prepare acai bowls that is designed to preserve the biological benefits of the almighty acai fruit while also settling the debate between frozen bowl vs. smoothie bowl.  Our recipes and flavors take the traditional acai bowl to a whole new level and will show you a new side of acai that you never knew was possible!

SPOONS acai bowls are packed with flavor, nutrition and fun as our team imports only the highest quality acai straight from the rainforests of Brazil. We're serving up a whole new way to enjoy the powerhouse fruit while offering an immaculate assortment of toppings and preparation styles that will surely appease the pickiest of eaters!