functional bowls

The SuperFoodies here at Spoons have created functional bowls to provide your body what it needs. Need some fuel for those squats? A healthy lunch with no crash? Shake off a late night? We got you. All Functional Bowls start with the BAS, which is our own Spoons granola, followed by 5oz of açai, then a layer of sliced bananas. After that, things get crazy.


the fountain

banana, açai, Spoons granola, coconut oil, kiwi, lucuma, maqui, red grapes, strawberries


the legend

banana, açai, Spoons granola, blue majik, blueberries, sun dried cherries, pink himalayan salt, strawberries


the d-fender

banana, açai, Spoons granola, cayenne pepper, kiwi, pineapple, strawberries, sun dried white mulberries


the plug

banana, açai, Spoons granola, cinnamon, sun dried cherries, honey (unfiltered), maca (gelantinized), pineapple


the hangover

banana, açai, Spoons granola, blueberries, camu camu, chia seeds, green apples, red grapes


the champ

banana, açai, Spoons granola, bee pollen, cacao nibs, chocolate maple spread*, hemp seeds, peanut butter*, strawberries

*FOOD ALLERGY WARNING: This product contains peanuts and/or tree nuts.